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Poultry + Seafood: Welcome


  • Wood Fired Free Range Chicken Breasts

    • Wine Country Mustard Glaze, Seasonal Herb Pesto or Jerk Spices

  • Organic Chicken Kabobs With Lemon Garlic And Fresh Oregano

  • Tandoori Chicken With Raita Sauce

  • Thai Chicken Curry With Seasonal Veggies + Jasmine Rice

  • Pulled Chicken With Homemade Organic Butter Rolls

  • Chicken Pot Pie

  • Turkey Chili On Polenta + Turkey Sliders 

  • Grilled Salmon With Mango Rosemary Wine Sauce

  • Grilled Halibut With Parsley Oregano Chive Sauce

  • Ciopinno

    • Seasonal Fish, Shrimp + Scallops in a Red Wine Tomato Based Soup

  • Ahi Seared With Sesame Seeds Onions + Lemon Grass

Poultry + Seafood: Imprint
Poultry + Seafood: Portfolio
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